Ask the Recruiter Q&A: Salary Negotiation

Check out this Q&A from a Recruiter and Career Coach on top salary negotiation strategies to help you get the compensation you deserve! I’ll take you through the negotiation process from deciding if you should negotiate, assessing your bargaining power, and preparing for a successful negotiation. You’ll also learn my practical tips for determining what to negotiate, how to respond when you’re being low-balled, and how to make sure you receive your fair market value.


2:10 – Salary Negotiation Success Story
4:30 – When You Should Negotiate
6:30 – How to Assess Your Negotiation Power
10:50 – What to Do When Negotiating
16:00 – How to Prepare for a Negotiation
18:10 – What Can You Negotiate?
24:20 – How to Respond When You’re Being Low-Balled
31:00 – How to Negotiate to Receive Your Fair Market Value
36:00 – What to Consider If You’re Moving Overseas
44:45 – The Three Most Important Things to Remember When You’re Offered a Job