Biffy Clyro – iNterview

Biffy Clyro are a phenomena. For nearly 15 years now the Scottish
rock band has been churning out heavy, yet melodic, bass, drum and
guitar-driven, triple-vocalist overloaded songs that are sometimes
very complex, but always uplifting. All killers, no fillers. You can
call them what you like: alternative rock, post-hardcore, experimental
rock or maybe just the way power pop is defined in 2009.
And just for the record: Simon Neil (vocals, guitar) and the brothers
Ben (vocals, drums) and James Johnston (bass, vocals) also happen to
be extremely sympathetic and funny, which made them some of the best
iNterview guests we’ve ever had in front of our cameras. We had a
We were also lucky to get Uli from Berlin (Germany), Sabine from
Hamburg (Germany) and Jack form Enfield (England) to ask some great
questions that surprised the band. As could be expected, Biffy Clyro
answered with all their entertaining charm and were also willing to do
something very very special. Let’s just say it had something to do
with musical chairs!
“After building a devoted cult following with their first three
albums, the band expanded their following significantly with the
release of their fourth, ‘Puzzle’ in 2007. The album was released to
widespread critical acclaim, and went gold in the UK, selling over
100,000 units. Biffy Clyro’s popularity was built upon further in 2008
and 2009 with the release of the singles ‘Mountains’ and ‘That Golden
Rule’, which both reached the top 10 of the UK singles chart. Their
next album, 2009’s ‘Only Revolutions’ was also successful, reaching #8
in the UK charts and also going gold within days of its release.” Yes
indeed, leave it to Wikipedia for the hard facts you just can’t
ignore. Nothing else left to say other than: enjoy this very special
episode of INterview!

Very special thanks go out to Sabine Klautzsch of Warner Music Germany
for her trust in us, Tanju Boerue of Neuland Concerts for being
incredibly helpful with the set, Neil Anderson for recognizing how
much fun it was for the band and giving us the extra time we needed to
finish this, the wonderful interviewers (Uli, Sabine and Jack),
without whom this just wouldn’t have been possible, and, last but not
least, Biffy Clyro for their stupendous performance. Thanks to
everyone! Very much!