CIVIL worker on site safety & construction Tools || watch #civiltechconstructions

ON site safety and construction Tools for workers

Staircases casting BUILDING construchconstructionsction part-14/watch #civilte

Staircases Reinforcement BUILDING construction part-14

Septic tank slab construction

Column casting Building construction part-13

Column Extension reinforcement Building construction part-12

Starter After plinth beam Building construction part-11

Plinth Reinforcement Process Building construction part-9

columns building construction part-8

Column starter Building construction part-7/ watch #civiltechconstructions

Building construction part-5 columns reinforcement and installing

Building construction-1 foundation Plan Implimentation technics on site / #civiltechconstruction…

Building construction part 2 marking of columns / watch #civiltechconstructions…

Watertank slab Reinforcement 30KL / watch #civiltechconstructions…

Water tank Reinforcement convex 50KL video /watch #civiltechconstruction…