Construction Vauban’s Work Safety Video

An informational video that is required for all new construction jobs in the Sol System. “Be safe, or be dead” -Construction Vauban

Adding to my “Almost Human” fun/challenge video, i present my next installment: Roleplay as a construction themed vauban! Build his colors in blacks and yellows, with a touch of orange, and use weapons that are either considered to be used for construction in game (like the spectra) or look like they could be (jat kittag is like a huge space sledge hammer).

Be sure to not use any elemental mods to make the guns you use as “realistic” as possible. Elemental based weapons are discouraged as a result, however the jat only does blast in some instances so it can be allowed. As for abilities, you can use any and as many as you like, as long as none of your stats go above the normal 100% (they can go below, and this excludes efficiency).

Have Fun!

The Dark Side Has Muffins (°∀°)

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