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Nylon Gloves

  • Features

100% knitted gloves with nylon fiber.
. Very appropriate to the places for precision work, electronic parts assembly, gardening and laboratories.
Has excellent ventilation and feeling without sweat in long time of putting on. Thus, good for labors’ health and increase of productivity since it doesn’t make dust or nap.

Cut Resistant Palm Coated Gloves


Polyurethane coated on whole palm of the gloves knitted by Cut Resistant fiber, a textile material with high strength and light weight.
Characteristics of Cut Resistant Gloves are that ;
1. Low density without absorption of water.
2. Light weight and floating on water.
3. Very high strength.

Even though it is flexible high molecule, it has high strength and light weight than any other textile material. Thus, it is being used for complex material for aerospace industry, automobile bulletproof, bulletproof vest, armature gloves, mooring rope for boats, etc. This fiber has excellent resistivity against chemical agent, moisture and wearing out, being durable 15 times more and stronger 40% than ordinary aramide.

Cut Resistant palm coating gloves are being produced on the back ground of excellent property of Cut Resistant fiber. It is most appropriate for metal industry, glass manufacturing, raw timber pulverization, woodworking, sharp cutting, etc. since it is appropriate to protect hands mainly during hard and dangerous works.

It is washable with neutral detergent in 40°C water. It will improve working efficiency and safety of workers with excellent feeling, without slipping because it has good ventilation and it doesn’t make sweat even after long time wearing.