How to be successful in interview|| by sandeep maheshwari|| in hindi

Job Interview Tips: Do’s and don’ts for a successful first impression —
What Interviewers see and observe in you in Hindi. The Interviewers keep watch of the candidate right from the entry to the exit of the interview room. They study the candidate’s Character, Intelligence, Smartness, Temperament, Alertness, Presence of Mind, Patience, Gentleness, Way of Thinking, Personality and Family background.
Candidate’s Eagerness for learning things. Consistent Academic Career.
They try to know whether candidates are concealing Facts. Truthful candidates are liked. Power of expression and whether well balanced. Want Dutiful, Obedient and and Softspoken candidate. Good health is also seen. Whether ambitious through devotion to service. Don’t like oversmartness of candidates. They observe how far the candidates are dynamic and whether they have foresightedness. Whether candidate becomes nervous and also has a Stable Mind. Don’t like shy candidate. Observe whether candidate will be able to adjust themselves in different situations, seriousness of working. Sense of cleaniness and habits. Interviewer study whether the candidates have the capacity of catching the words and replying instantly. Interviewer dislikes the candidates who are in the habit of irrelevant and unwanted talks. They study attitude and aptitude. General awareness of candidates. Comfortable knowledge of the spoken Language. Intelligence, Self-confidence, Overall appearance, Behavioural pattern, Ability to convince, Clarity of Expression.

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