How to Write a Great Resume in 2018 + Free Resume Template

“How to Write a Great Resume”, 10 step guide designed by a professional recruiter, whose business is to read and select resumes! Download our free resume template:

Created by Edouard Thoumyre, CEO & Executive Recruiter at ACCUR Recruiting Services (est. 2006).
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0:31 Table of Content
1:02 Context: It takes only 5 seconds to reject a resume
2:02 Layout: Design, graphic elements, spacing, fonts
3:00 Structure: Each section you should have
3:21 Contact details: professional looking email address, work authorizations…
4:25 Summary: skip that section on your resume. Waste of space
5:08 Objective: Only opportunity you have to talk about your career goals
5:40 Work Experience: Employers name and description, job titles, job intros, job descriptions, achievements
10:32 Education: goes after your work experience and don’t take too much space
11:26 Computer and Language skills: describe your actual skills with Excel!
13:34 Resume “SEO”: very important insider tips to make sure your resume can be easily stored and searched in employers’ ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems). File formats. Headers & Footers. Word tables. Keyword optimization.
18:39 Best Practices: name your resume file properly