How To Write a Resume (For College Students)

In this video I go over how to write a resume, specifically for those in college. When you are new to college and trying to already apply for jobs and internships, you may be wondering what to even include on a resume. The good news is we are all in this position but there is plenty for you to include.

The most common sections on a resume that people included were:

  1. Name and Contact Info
  2. Education
  3. Relevant Coursework
  4. Skills
  5. Projects/Labs
  6. Work Experience
  7. Involvement/Leadership

In the video I also include some general resume tips including:

  1. Keep it to 1 page
  2. Don’t use first person pronouns
  3. Use Action Verbs
  4. Don’t Include References
  5. List in Reverse Chronological Order
  6. Use Relevant Keywords

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