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I am really excited to share this video with you and I hope you are too. Because what you will learn over the next 40 minutes will significantly increase your chances of passing interviews.

But not just that; you will also learn more about how to create more opportunities, get more interviews, and position your candidacy a lot more effectively.

So, if you have an interview coming soon, or if you are unemployed or underemployed, it’s your lucky day. Because things are about to change for you…

Some of the topics we will cover today;
Top Job Interview Tips To Pass HR Interviews
Techniques to focus on for passing Hiring Manager Interviews
How To Approach Answering Common Job Interview Questions,
How To Prepare For An Interview
How To Ace an Interview
How To Prepare Your Resume To Get Maximum Visibility
2 Incredible Resume Tips
How To Leverage Unwritten Requirements
#1 Tip to help you prepare for the interview

And many more tips to help you pass job interviews…

I am confident you’ll significantly benefit from this MasterClass and will increase your chances of passing that interview.

I am not a funny person in front of camera and you are not going to be entertained. But you will learn. You will learn a lot. So, set your expectations clearly. I am not here to entertain you. GO get a cup of coffee, relax, and then start the masterclass.
Alright, let’s start; how to pass HR interviews…
Let’s talk about this. When you reverse engineer getting a job, most people – probably including you go through these steps;
Right? You think it’s a simple 3-step process. To get the interview you need to make an application, to get the job you need to interview.
Here is where most of you make the mistake. It’s not a 3-step journey getting a job. It’s a 4-step journey. And misunderstanding this is one of the major reasons you fail interviews.
So, let’s walk backwards again;
Hiring manager interview
HR interview
Hiring manager interview and HR interview are so different that no one in their right mind should group them together.
What works for your HR interview won’t work for your Hiring Manager interview and vice versa. Now I know this seems obvious but it’s absolutely crazy how many people make this mistake. So now let me teach you what works for your HR interview;
Let’s lay the groundwork first. Look, you have to be extremely lucky to pass HR interview playing her own game. Seriously, her game involves Myer’s Briggs Character Type Indicators, like oh you have to be ENTP character to be a management consultant or ENTJ to be a salesperson, or you have to be ISTJ to be an accountant. You lose your shot even before you know about it.
And then you go around trying to understand why you even failed that interview. You have no clue. Yeah, because maybe you didn’t demonstrate the indicators of ENTP character or you just simply didn’t give the answers that she thought were the right. This is a lose-lose game.
You can’t beat HR in her own game. That’s why in my LIG course, one of the strategies I teach is just to simply bypass them. We don’t bother with HR. As I said, it’s a lose-lose game. But you are not an LIG participant yet, so let me teach you what to do if you happen to have an interview with HR.
So, then what to do right?
Well, you beat HR in your own game. I’ll get to it in a second. But I need you to first visualize HR in your mind. Who is HR?
They are usually anywhere between 22 to 28 years old, they have very little understanding of the actual work you’ll be undertaking. Their understanding of the subject matter is incredibly low.
You beat them with your expertise, and confuse the heck out of them with terminologies, methodologies that they won’t even know that exist.
So, you need to sort of exaggerating your value adds and expertise so much that the HR with her own little expertise in the topic of – what we do – has no option but to pass you on to the hiring manager.

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