Jamie and Ann : Our Story in Film (Interview)

Pre-Wedding Shoot: Of picnics, hammocks, and lazy days by the beach.

The Proposal: The day that changed our lives forever.

Our Story: Once in awhile, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale.

Date: 15.04.11
Location: Main Beach, Gold Coast (The Spit)
Videographer: Net Productions (Lachlan Fletcher)

Unlike most couples in Australia, who shoot most of their wedding photos on the big day, J and I decided to dedicate an entire separate day for our wedding photo and video shoot. It was probably one of the best decisions we made, as we could completely let our hair down during the shoot, without having to worry about keeping the dress clean, or the aftermath of the messy windswept hair and runny makeup after the shoot. More importantly, freeing up the wedding day gave us ample opportunity to mingle with the guests, instead of having to rush from location to location to get good shots! I love the beach, and definitely wanted to incorporate the beach for our engagement / pre-wedding shoot up the Gold Coast. I had envisioned a dreamy, romantic shoot, complete with an outdoor furniture setup on the beach, with the sun setting in the horizon. Over the couple of months prior to the wedding, I had sourced from various garage sales and discount stores, an entire lounge and dining table set. I personally handpicked each item, and put together a myriad of props for the photo shoot. However, two days before the wedding, my transport arrangements to drive all the furniture up from Melbourne to the Gold Coast fell through. I was then left with no choice but to re-design the photo shoot to incorporate only portable props I could take up with us on the plane! I was flustered and disappointed to say the least, especially after months of designing and anticipating the photo shoot with the props I had gathered. But ah well, when life throws you curveballs, you can either choose to sulk and frown, or make the most out of the circumstance. So I chose the latter. At the last minute, I packed as many props I could take along with me on the plane; converted my dining table setup, to a picnic; and on a whirlwind trip to the Queen Victoria Market a few hours before boarding the plane, I bought a hammock on sale! Ah, the stress! I was a little nervous how everything would tie in together at the photo shoot, as I didn’t have time to think everything through meticulously this time round. So I could only cross my fingers and hope for the best!

We landed in Brisbane the night before the photo shoot, and headed straight to Jamie’s parents house where we retired for the night. The next day started bright and early, at 3am, with my stylist fussing over my hair & makeup. We had planned to hit the road at 5am, for a 45 minute drive down to the GoldCoast to get some sunrise shots with the photographer and videographer. I must say I am rather pleased with how the photos and video turned out, despite the last minute change of props, and unexpected hiccups along the way.