Mobi Mover: Job Safety Tips

MoveBig is a fast, easy, and affordable way to start making money. Whether people need help with moving their entire homes, or if they just need help with assembling a desk, MoveBig is the way to go!

Why People Use MoveBig:
• Easy to Use- Save yourself the time and your back. Schedule a job in minutes. Some call us the Uber for Movers.

• No Middle Man – Meaning you deal with just your MobiMovers. Making it a lot easier to know who will be helping you, and what experience they have.

• Affordable – Get a estimated price upfront! Allot for the time needed, and pay only for the time that you agree too. “Way better than those other guys.”

• Convenient – On-demand, on your schedule. Choose as soon as 30 minutes from when you book. Book for today, or next month – it’s up to you!
• Safety – All MoveBig movers are independent contractors who are background checked, thoroughly reviewed, put through several trial moves, and backed by a commercial insurance policy.