Safety is NOT a Priority – Safety Training Video – Preventing Workplace Accidents and Injuries

Safety is NOT a Priority – Safety Training Video – Preventing Accidents and Injuries

A truck technician with almost 40 years experience was working on a truck during his lunch hour because the customer was waiting, and he was in a hurry to get his vehicle back.

Because he was in a hurry, the technician failed to deploy a safety system built into the truck’s hydraulic mechanism to prevent it from falling on the mechanic. His foot slipped and struck the operating lever, bringing the mechanism down, crushing him to death.

In that business, safety was a “priority,” and priorities get shuffled. In this case, safety was moved down and “customer service” became the “#1 priority.”

This short video explains the dangers of relying on safety slogans and the effective alternative that will make your life safer – at work, at home, or anywhere else.

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