SCUBA – interview at DANCITY FESTIVAL 2011

DANCITY FESTIVAL 2011 – Back to the Future

Saturday, July 2nd 2011

Many Italians choose to leave their land to look for fortune elsewhere, the infamous “brain drain” has been this way for years. It is however peculiar to find a London native leaving London, one of the most sought after locations for those seeking fortune, inspiration, or simply fun. This was the way of Paul Rose, also knows as Scuba, who in 2007 left his city for Berlin, another sought after destination and home to club Berghain, a true Mecca for those who love techno and everything that comes from it. Like many, Paul was charmed by that world, by that dark and hypnotic sound, and became a frequent visitor. He managed to translate all the sensations felt on the dance floor into the studio, where in 2008 his début album A Mutual Antipathy was created with Hotflush Recordings, the label that he manages personally. In 2010 the second album Triangulation comes out amongst a long series of singles and remixes for artists like Sistol, Amp Fiddler and Fever Ray. As if to seal the indestructible bond with the club, Scuba also becomes resident DJ at Berghain, and in 2010 mixes the compilation Sub:Stance. Scuba is taking his DJ sets around the world, but at the Dancity Festival he will instead play a live set featuring the best of his productions.