Selenium Live Project Orientation Session by Karthik Kosireddi

Selenium LIVE Project from
Orientation Session – Introduce you to how it works

Karthik Kosireddi :
Computer Science Engineer || In IT for 19 years || Development – Management – Sales – Leadership – Training || Entrepreneur

Selenium LIVE Project
Already have sufficient Selenium skill
Automation Basics
Selenium IDE
Element Identification
Eclipse IDE … Java, JUnit and TestNG
C# and Python
Automation Frameworks
Shift Left
Pain — Requirement/BDD – Tech Design – Code – Test – Deploy/LIVE
Software Development Engineer in Test : SDET
Trained by ITeLearn to qualify and attend this PROJECT
Refer to what we taught, mechanism
Training – Skill Development … put into practice or ACTION
Training hands-on
Project will give you TRUE CHALLENGE that will ensure your whole training into an action

How does it work?
Team concept … you will be put along with 5 to 10 other members
Comfortable team atmosphere … time zone, a good mix
You will work independently with your team
All online, daily interaction with team … Skype, WA, InterAFT, PM Tools, Defect Management, GitHUB, Jenkins, Grid …
Project … same project to multiple teams.
5 teams … each does … you are competing
We meet twice a week for 1 to 1.5 hour.
Each team, will have a representative, rotating … PRESENT THE PROJECT WORK
Status, Progress, Initiatives, Challenges and how you overcome.
IT IS NOT A TRAINING … I will not address your questions or concerns.
Replicate to work in an actual project
Are you in progress and will u deliver project
Team Work
Positive Attitude
Being helpful to others
Go about ensuring project and the whole team is critical
You don’t necessarily think about you…
Initiative, Promoting the whole team
Project completion … time and resource pressure
Choose to prioritize the scope
U dream of going big with frameworks and tools … priority
Work hard … assume to commit, as an example, 3 hours … stretch and 6 hours a day.
Documentation, Grammar, Spell Errors, way you speak

Advantage :
Challenge : it is the great asset that you will walk out
You will learn from your team and from other teams
Project work to put on your resume … reference check, intern, team members to also talk about
Real project … CANNOT BE A DUMMY
Resume/CV will become much stronger
More interview calls … Varkasa … AUT …
Tell me about your project
Your role and responsibility
Challenges – Solutions
Coding Experience
Day to Day activities
Who was your lead, team members
Where are they located

Disadvantages :
Let us turn it around into advantage

Project Work :
InterAFT – communications
ITeLearn – ecom + Membership
AnyAUT Beta – User based Test Management and Automation App
AnyAUT Version 1.0 – Freelance consulting portal, User Management, eCommerce
QAonAIR … for 1 month … move you into the AnyAUT Development team
TimeLine : Tue and Thu : 6:30 PM PT … Karthik will be your trainer
Starts 18th July … 4 weeks

Main project : QAonAIR
Use the same framework, and write 20 automation test cases for InterAFT
Go back to old SLP and watch a few videos of the team
Put both projects in your resume.
AnyAUT Demo video :

If no or not YET a trainee on Selenium, CSD or JPACT
Exactly videos to watch … like a movie … 20 hours
DO NOT Rewind, Forward OR repeat CAUSE i repeat the concepts over and over again.
Watch the videos like a movie, take notes only in a book … and finish over the weekend
Be part of this project … may not be the top contributor
You have the opportunity to repeat project any number of times …
Selenium Beginner videos
Selenium Advanced videos … recent batch that i completed this Monday
19 videos … under 25 videos
6 days
Event CSDT, Selenium and JPACT members to revise at-least the advanced training videos … Element Identification

Selenium Training and LIVE Project
Selenium Basic FREE Training :
Selenium Advanced PAID Training :
Access to hundreds of videos :
LIVE Projects :

2. CSDT :

(LIVE and VIDEOS and will i do 2 batches)

3. JPACT : All inclusive
$2,000 .. resume help, interview preparations, mock interviews, resume marketing, placement

4. Free Manual Testing :

Project work and Resume preparation
18th July to 15th August
CV from 1st of August atleast … work with the team
Free videos, resume preparation …
Strong words, Search Friendly, Project descriptions, keywords