In what was originally going to be a TOP 10 – until I ultimately decided to change it at the last minute – here are the TOP 20 SCARIEST FIRE SAFETY COMMERCIALS to have ever hit the small screen! (SUBTITLES AVAILABLE)

Bear in mind that (as with nearly all my countdowns) numbers 20 to 5 are not completely defined in terms of “scariness” based on their position in the list. But it is safe to say the top 5 rightly deserve the top spots. Still plenty of nightmare fuel to give you the chills though.

I’ve tried my hardest to include ones you probably haven’t seen before, but do expect to see a few entries that have appeared in my other countdowns.

Once again I’ve used the term “Commercials” in this video, as the entries do not entirely consist of PSAs or PIFs, but rather a mix of both. That and “Commercials” looked more aesthetically pleasing whilst I was editing the intro (which took a b*tch to render).

I put so much time, effort, and money into this particular countdown, as it’s easily one of my favourite genres of creepy PSAs! So I really hope you all enjoy, and I hope it’s not too long until I see you all again! 😀

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And for those who want to see the full video of the Bradford City stadium fire (the ad at #17 in the video), the link is below… but WARNING, the video is VERY graphic and upsetting: