Trisha Brown – interview at Documenta 12 (2007)

Trisha Brown is a dancer and choreographer; lives in New York City. In the 70’s, she led modern dance in a new direction. With her unique way of movement she explores new ideas about normalcy, neutrality, found movements, and task, as they relate to visual arts. In 1970, she founded the Trisha Brown Dance Company. Her early works were experimental, often utilizing ropes and pulleys, set in alternative locations such as rooftops, rafts, and the sides of buildings. Since 1979, Trisha Brown has collaborated with numerous contemporary artists, among them Robert Rauschenberg, Robert Whitman, Laurie Anderson, and John Cage. Her best-known ballets include Line Up (1977), the postmodern classic Set and Reset (1983), M.O. (1995), and the jazz-based El Trilogy (2000). Additionally, Trisha Brown has designed, directed and choreographed opera productions.

At DOCUMENTA 12 (2007), Trisha Brown presented the installation and performance ‘Floor of the Forest’ (1970/2007), fused with the choreography ‘Accumulation’ (1971/2007); a video, ‘Roof and Fire Piece’ (1973), showing a performance spread over several rooftops in New York; ‘Geneva, Handfall’ (1999),19 drawings of hand movements; and 5 Untitled drawings (2007).

interview: Lidia Rossner, video: Alexander Rossner
2007, Documenta 12, Germany