What is a Job Safety Analysis (JSA)?

Best safety practices and guidelines, including OSHA’s Job Hazard Analysis Guide recommend analyzing and evaluating safety hazards on a task by task basis. A Job Safety Analysis (JSA) is an important tool that EHS professionals can use to identify and mitigate hazards associated with difficult tasks or job sites.

During a JSA, EHS professionals identify the potential hazards accompanying each step of a task and evaluate their risks by using a risk matrix to gauge the probability and severity of each identified hazard. Safety professionals can then list appropriate controls and calculate residual risks for each hazard.

With IndustrySafe’s JSA module, safety professionals can quickly conduct JSAs and disseminate them to key team members for review, comments, and approval. The JSA module also allows for detailed reporting and analytics of job safety activity and follow up across your organization. To learn more about our JSA module, visit our website: www.industrysafe.com