Work Safety. Cannington, Western Australia

WA failing building standards .
Absence of Worksafe inspection checks and hostile approach to Union members on building sites ,a pathetic safety concern by builders i
Working next to Asbestos fences then calling in to your local shopping centre or Daycare centre on the way home with contaminate clothing on can only add to the death rate in Western Australia.
Asbestos Diseases Society ofAustralia Inc (“”Sadly more than 300 of our members and friends have succumbed to asbestos caused diseases during the 2015 calendar year “”)
Innovation without Safety is (“” Greed “)
(School Safe ) Sadly the are approximately 600 public Schools or more that may have asbestos containing materials in Western Australia 2015 The next genenation health is a concern ‘
At some Schools the Principals policy is not to inform the public of the location in the schools if asbestos is present .
Politicians need the public to vote at Schools that might contain Asbestos a vote to remove all asbestos from Schools is a vote to help save the next James Hardie victim .( asbestos is a killer)

Councils need to become proactive not waiting for the phone to ring when it comes to fences containing asbestos as in the video