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Life Safe World™ has designed and produced a simple Workplace Safety Hand Signal Communication Systems – © Life Safe World™ 2012 for Work Safety Organizations from Australia and around the World to use by all Workers
This Video visually explains how this simple one handed hand safety communication system really works
This safety hand signal system encourages workers in all workplaces to communicate safety messages and work procedures – i.e. from management to worker and worker to worker to abide by regulation workplace safety laws/practices and varying situations as they arise – i.e. gaseous leaks, welding flashes, fire alert and so on

We have developed this simple communication system by using single hand/arm movements against a persons body which means a specific safe work practice while working in all factories, construction areas and wherever else safety conditions are required
The person giving the signs is referred to as the “signaller”, and uses the hand signals to give safety/work procedure instructions or arising situations to the person(s) receiving the hand signs referred to as “the receiver”

The basic technique (by the signaller) is to use a flat horizontal hand in a back and forth motion across the neck region (pointing fingers to the throat region) to attract attention of the other worker(s) or management (and or maybe a voice call or whistle could be incorporated to enhance the receivers attention more quickly) to the receiver

The next movement of the single hand is a basic hand display that relates to a particular component of safety or worker safety well being i.e. a hard hat is required, full face respirator is required , a dangerous electrical situation and so on

The receiver is then obliged to rectify the safety issue being given by the signaller

We believe this communication system will help promote uniform safety in the workplace as it is immediate, direct, specific and clean cut with the specific parameters being transmitted or conveyed

Life Safe World™ would encourage Work Safety Organizations from around the World to make contact so this Workplace Safety Hand Communication System – © Life Safe World™ 2012 can be implemeted for All Workers Safety

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