Workplace Lifting Safety Training

With infrastructural growth happening at break neck speed, highly advanced technical machines continue to grow in numbers at various project sites. These machines are used for saving a significant amount of time and costs for corporations. However, with every new machine comes a new hazard / threat.

Some of the accidents happen while carrying out lifting work activities like when using cranes, excavators etc. ASK EHS creates movies that are customized for each client. Hence actual models of the machine are taken and embedded into the animation movie to get the exact feel of an accident or incident. The increased awareness contributes greatly to educate the workforce and compel them to utilize appropriate safety procedures. Some of the benefits of lifting work safety animation movies are:

• Clear safety induction procedure training
• Determining hazardous work areas and taking safety precautions
• Increased awareness of various accident / incident scenarios
• Safety induction training for using various lifting appliances and machines
• Acts as a great tool for safety training

ASK Ehs Safety Animation Movies cover various modules that can be easily used for safety training. Some of the other safety animation training movies include:

• Hot work safety training movies
• Height work safety training movies
• Electrical work safety training movies
• Accident investigation animation movies
• Safety Induction training movies for equipments
• Safety induction training movies for large machines and processes

Some of the major benefits enjoyed by corporations using this approach are listed below:
• Enhanced safety management resulting in drastic reduction of accidents / mishaps
• Awareness of accident & near-miss incident scenarios
• Increase in productivity as a direct result of lesser accidents and more productive man hours

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