Yard Work, Safety Flip-Flops, Lumberjack Ben, All You Can Eat Japanese, Keanu – Ken’s Vlog #668

These are my daily vlogs. Anything and everything you wanted to know about my life plus exciting Travel Vlogs.
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These vlogs are all shot with the Canon Vixia Mini X or sometimes my iPhone. The Canon Vixia X Mini is an awesome little camera to shoot vlogs with. I picked mine up at Henry’s in Barrie.

Music by Kevin MacLeod
Song: Montego: ISRC: USUAN1100808
Song: Stealth Groover – ISRC: USUAN1100690
Song: Fluffing a Duck ISRC: USUAN1100768
Yallahs: ISRC: USUAN1100807
Song: Jingle Bells – ISRC: USUAN1100187
Song: Happy Boy Theme – ISRC: USUAN1100647
Song: Maccary Bay – ISRC: USUAN1500019
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What is a Food Bank?
Question: Hey Ken, what is a Food Bank?
Answer: A food bank is a non-profit hunger relief organization that receives food donations to distribute to the disadvantaged. Food banks are found in most communities and rely on donors and volunteers to carry out day-to-day operations. A food bank’s sole purpose is to help the hungry.