Yes Theory is hiring (here is why)

Here are the details for the 2 applications:
1st POSITION: Graphic Designer Position (Working Remotely- PAID) :

Who do we want?

A creative unicorn with exquisite taste who brings a unique perspective to the table. He/She has the willingness to observe, adapt, execute, and refine creative elements in a very fast-paced environment… Oh and the only thing that should match your creativity is your humility.

Please only apply if you have:

1-3 years minimum of experience in design and branding
a strong portfolio of creative work

Couldn’t care less as long as you’ve got what it takes.

Skills required
Articulate design solutions to team members effectively.
Multi-task while coordinating multiple projects + resources.
a strong work ethic and ability to thrive in a fast-paced and dynamic workplace.
Be a team player who collaborates easily + brings creative momentum to projects.

What we need a designer for:
Creating the Yes Theory and Seek Discomfort brands’ visual identity.
Designing Pitch Decks and Media Kits
Pumping out designs and product concepts for “Seek Discomfort” (our product line and apparel brand) on a monthly basis.
Designing infographics for performance briefs every quarter for Yes Theory and after every brand deal we make.
Obviously more as we expand but that should suffice to start with.

Will you be paid?
Yes. We’ll do a 1 month trial and if you make it then you’ll officially join the team as the first ever Yes Theory graphic Designer.

Who will you be working directly with?

Ammar and the Yes Theory manager, Zack.

How do you apply?

-Redesign the “Yes Theory” logo. The words “yes” and “theory” have to roughly be around the same size (Trade mark requirement)
-Submit a “Seek Discomfort” design for our apparel brand.

Send all the above information to this email: [email protected] with these two (Max 6) designs plus a link to your previous work.

Our goal with this application process will be to find our main graphic designer who we’ll be working with consistently but also pinpoint the top 10 applicants and outsource design work to them whenever the opportunity presents itself.

The key here will be to surprise us with quality of work and presentation we’ve never seen before. Don’t apply if you are under 18.

2nd POSITION: Badass storyteller and editor (based with us in LA)

What we are looking for:
Someone that can come in and not only nail our style of storytelling but enhance it. Play with new music, new graphics/animations and incorporate your own creativity into our videos. Thomas has been editing with Matt’s younger brother TD for a while but as Thomas is getting occupied with more tasks outside post production and we need someone to come in and fill his place. As you can expect, the position you’ll be applying for is the most strenuous and time demanding. We often end up with 2-5 hours of footage after our shoots. It’s usually a mess and requires someone with extreme patience and commitment to our message and purpose behind making these videos. On the upside, you’ll join a family that cares for each other beyond what you can imagine and share with us the privilege of bringing joy into people’s lives.

How to apply:
1- Post a video on YouTube that has “Yes Theory Editor Application” somewhere in the title and send us the link to the video that you edited fully on your own. Either creatively tell us why we should pick you or simply tell a story you think showcases your skills as a storyteller. We’re leaving this assignment quite vague because we want to see where you take it. What matters here is that we sense thought, passion and creativity. Have fun with it. If you catch our attention and pass this stage there will be a stage of 2 of the editor application.

2- Email us the link of that video to [email protected] In that same email send us a link to the rest of your work, either to your youtube channel, vimeo or website. Structure your email this way:

Subject line: Editor Application: (First Name, Last Name)

“Hi my name is ____

I am ___ years old and live in ___. I (can/cannot) work in the US.

Here is the link to my video application: (link)

Here is the link to my previous work: (link)

I want to join the Yes Theory team because… (6 sentences max)

Thank you,


Is it paid? Yes, after a trial period with us in LA with living expenses covered.

Don’t apply if:
You are under 19 and have time commitments (going back to school in September for example).

Can’t wait to see what you got!